E-books and Journals

A. Ebooks

1. Fundamental of Remote Sensing

2. Monitoring Air di Daerah Aliran Sungai

4. Penginderaan Jauh

5. Link buat download gratis e-books dari National Academics Press

6. 2010_Keys_to_Soil_Taxonomy

7. World Reference Base for Soil Resources (WRB)

8. The Scientific nature of Geomorphology

9. Geomorphology from Space

10. Concept and Modelling in Geomorphology

11. Digital Image Processing

12. Spatial Data Modelling 3D GIS

13. Soil Survey Manual USDA

B. Journal

1. Indonesian Journal of Geography

2.Landform Analysis Journal

3. Hydrology and Earth System Science Journal

4. Journal of Earth Science

5. Earth Surface Processes and Landform

6. Springerlink

7. Sciencedirect

8. Interscience

9. Elsevier books and journal

10. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

11. Emerald Journal, Ebooks etc.


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