Lava flow, Parangkusumo

Lava flow Parangkusumo

This place is the existence of two rock outcrops. Flat with relief materials were prepared by sand coming from the deposited Opak River along the coast and has experienced weathering to form soil. Looking at the conditions shown in the form of igneous rock which lay up the beach with a layered structure. Sandy soil conditions with coarse textured brown. Groundwater depth of approximately <5 meters, so easy to get water, other than that the water was not too salty.

Figure Appearance of lava flows (lava flield) in Parangkusumo

Both stones are in Parangkusumo an exposed lava rock that connects with the hills to the north. Formation process is used there is a mountain that erupted and spread lavanya and frozen on the beach and then lifted because of the Indian-Australian plate collision with Eurasia. The myth that developed the community which states that where there are two separate stones where Panembahan Senapati praying or conversing with the Queen of South, the master of supernatural beings who live on the coast Parangkusumo as well as “wives” of the kings of Mataram. Both stones are fenced off and to enter the area must ask permission. Formerly in the presence of the rock was still surrounded by a residential population of this can be seen from the existence of therare remaining wells in stone. But in 1991 the government held the arrangement of settlements in the stone sekitaran location so that the building is more manicured. For the current condition of some existing settlements which have permission and there are not. There is a phenomenon that shows that this stone disekitaran beach because there used to be the appointment process so that now the mainland. This indicates that the beach was developed, the evidence regarding this argument is the presence of marine plants that live on the mainland as seen near the rock where Panembahan Senopati meeting with Queen of South.
Any date 30 Rajab by the Java community Labuhan ceremony is held which is a warning against the day when Panembahan Senopati receive revelation. There are many types of business here is trade and tourism.
By looking at the condition of the community who still have not classified the condition of higher education it is necessary to repair the community’s perspective on the dangers that come from the sea like a tsunami, and others.


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